Thursday, July 21, 2011

Confluence 2011, Literary Sci-Fi Convention in Pittsburgh this Weekend

Don't think this was included in the PG's recent list of weird and geeky events in Pittsburgh. This is the 23rd annual Confluence convention.

"Confluence is:

A small, friendly conference focused on the literature and art of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Many award-winning authors and editors who enjoy meeting and talking with Confluence members.

Panel discussions and talks that will broaden and deepen your appreciation of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Poetry readings, filk concerts, a video room and other entertaining fare.

A taste-testing consuite, a terrific art show, and a book-crammed dealers room.

Confluence is about programming that lets fans of science fiction and fantasy hear about the views and visions of some of the leading authors, editors, and critics in the genre.

To complement the panel discussions, Confluence also has a full slate of art demos by several very accomplished artists, and entertainment items that span the spectrum from poetry readings to filk concerts to the annual farce presented by the Parallax Second Players. Never a dull moment, but if you need a break you can't go wrong by spending some time in our well-provisioned consuite chatting with guests and other members."

Check out all the details, speakers, events and pricing.

July 22nd - 24th, 2011
Doubletree Hotel, Pittsburgh Airport.

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