Monday, July 25, 2011

Henry Simonds- Requiem for the Superball: 28 July 6-9pm @Charles Bank Gallery In NY

Many of us know Henry on some level from his long involvement in The Sprout Fund and many other projects in Pittsburgh.

Henry's mind seems to get into lots of stuff, much of which some way circles around film and photography. This, his first NY solo exhibit is just weird and open ended enough to get some serious interest going. I redid my schedule when I heard about this so I can try to be at the opening. (Also, my own last show at D'Amellio Terras is up)

Requiem for the Superball

"Charles Bank Gallery will hold the solo show in the Projects space from July 28 through September 11. The exhibition celebrates one of the world's most dynamic toys, as it explores the beauty and allure of the iconic ball introduced in 1965 by the Wham-O Manufacturing Co. The Super Ball ®, invented by chemist Norman Stingley, has been the subject of fascination and play for almost half of a century. Simonds invites viewers to reflect on the unique charm and character of the bounciest of balls through film, photography, sculpture, and performance."

Fitting the law of averages-there are usually three or more shows in NY at any given time with a strong Pittsburgh connection.

Charles Bank Gallery
196 Bowery (at Spring street)
New York, NY 10012

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