Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Few Spaces May Still Be Available For Kids This Summer @ The Pittsburgh Young Writers Institute

Acclaimed, local poet Stacey Waite was recently was in Upper Saint Clair with a message that great writing and poetry isn't just something dead people in the past did. She also gave some into the sometimes gritty, competitive and creative local live poetry reading scene.

From The Upper St. Clair Patch.

"Several years ago, Waite was introduced to Slam Poetry, a lively,
expressive art form that combines poetry and dramatic performance. She was soon recruited for Pittsburgh’s “Steel City Slam Team” and travels and competes with the group."

A few of the students liked that Waite and others created poems that were widely relevant and easy to understand. One said, "I would like to read more work like this."

"Waite is also the director of the Pittsburgh Young Writer’s Institute, which will take place this year at Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning from July 11-22 for students in grades 4-12. The program runs Monday through Friday during the above dates from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students will have the opportunity to attend workshops on various writing styles or themes, as well as meet with visiting writers, participate in writing groups, and meet individually with adult writing mentors. There may be a few available slots remaining in their Oakland session.

Waite promises a variety of writers and experiences to participants: “If you hate my guts, there will be people there cooler than me,” she said. “If you’d rather cut your arm off than write a poem, this isn’t for you. But I hope you take away from my visit that poetry doesn’t have to boring, that there is something for everyone. Find something fun to read this summer.”

For more info on the Pittsburgh Young Writer’s Institute, contact the Western Pennsylvania Writer’s Project – Young Writer’s Institute at 412-624-6557 or email wpwp@pitt.edu.

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