Monday, July 11, 2011

New Pop Up Gallery, The College Inn Project, Open All Summer In Shadyside

Paintings by Brian Brown

A really cool city is often about the unexpected stuff that bubbles to the surface, but I didn't expect a lot of that to happen in the established, expensive real estate of Shadyside.

Don't ask me exactly how this is possible, but this pseudo trendy shopping street has a prime, large empty corner storefront that has sat totally empty for 18 years. Partly, this may date to the time when the area was more depressed-but something is goin on, involving the owner, an estate, back taxes-who knows?

So-I got a shock when Jean told me there was some kind of art opening there on Saturday Night! Seems like someone got the owner to donate or rent the raw space for a Pop Up Gallery, called The College Inn.

We talked to a few of the people helping out and they said there would it would be home to exhibits, screenings and other events all summer.

The College Inn
5851 Ellsworth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA

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Rick Byerly said...

the owner has a screw loose- at least he owned it for a long time before- not sure about currently

The College Inn Project said...

just saw this! probably because the INN lacks the internet. anyways thanks so much for the shout out - we'll tune in from now on.

the college inn project