Thursday, July 07, 2011

Latest "Art Project", To Gain National Buzz: The Milk Truck

Jill Miller

Many doubt these "projects", often created by artists connected to CMU, which combine aspects of performance, propaganda and open ended invitations for interaction are "art" at all.

First there was the Waffle Shop, part eatery, part broadcasting facility and talk show, recently called one of the world's weirdest restaurants.

Soon, came Conflict Kitchen a take out place which only served food from countries America was in some type of political or social conflict.

Now comes an idea to create a funny, on call food-(or feeding truck) intended to help nursing mothers who feel embarased or socially harassed in public places that discourage or ban breast feeding.

From Ivillage

"Enter the Milk Truck. The “mobile breastfeeding unit” is artist and mom Jill Miller’s idea for really raising the profile of nursing mothers’ right to breastfeed in public. If you think a nursing mama catches some attention, wait til a giant, nipple-topped van cruises your ’hood. There’s not a nursing cover in town big enough to hide a boob like that!"

The Milk truck will debut outside the Warhol as part of The Pittsburgh Biennial.

The Milk Truck's Kickstarter


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