Monday, July 18, 2011

Rockers Remember Cleveland's Pioneering Music Critic, Jane Scott

In 1964. when Jane Scott found her niche at age 45, women reporters were still rare and Rock was still considered passing fad-or at least not worthy of the attention of a real music critic. She was never forgotten by rockers for taking seriously what so few above the age of 30, did.

From The LA Times

"This renown was a far cry from the days when she had to carry a homemade placard reading “Yes, I’m a reporter.” In the netherworld of rock-star dressing rooms, it was assumed that anyone as respectable-looking as she must be an undercover narcotics agent."

From the NY Times.

"Ms. Scott adored much of the music she heard, and was overwhelmingly positive about it in print. This incurred criticism from some journalists but won the devotion of readers and many musicians.

She was also an astute handicapper. “He looked like a cross between a dockhand and a pirate,” she wrote in The Plain Dealer in 1975, reviewing a young musician. “He stood on the darkened Allen Theater stage last night in a black greaser jacket, blue jeans, a gray wool cap pulled over an eye and a gold earring in his left ear. ... His name is Bruce Springsteen. He will be the next superstar.”"

I found both of these obits via Freshwater Cleveland.

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