Saturday, July 09, 2011

Eric Shiner Named Director Of The Warhol Museum

I'm somewhat conflicted about the news that Eric Shiner, the tireless whirlwind of energy who has had such a big impact on Pittsburgh since he was named The Warhol's Milton Fine Curator of Art, several years ago will now take on the permanent job as head of museum.

From Pop City.

"Hardly one to shirk, since assuming his duties Shiner has mounted some 10 shows, including takes on Playboy bunnies, The End: Analyzing Art in Troubled Times (30 artists looking at the financial collapse), and including model and photographer Bunny Yeager. "We tracked her down," he says, referring to Emily Hetzel of Caliban Books who helped. "It's her first museum show ever."

Speaking of firsts, he also tries to mount first museum shows for young artists, or at least include them in the mix. "That's been quite fun to do as well," he says."

On the one hand, this places a "true believer", with a deep knowledge of the city's emerging artists as head of one of our key institutions. On the other, one worries about his ability to continue playing so active a role in putting together shows here. The city still sorely lacks curators who combine a strong grounding and connection to the wider art world with a serious respect and interest in local artists.

We can only hope, a good replacement curator is found and that they make a great team since Eric is sure keep his hand in the mix.

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