Wednesday, August 09, 2006

David Grim See's the Big Show

David's selfless campaign to document the world of vice and pleasure has hit the "Sin City;" and is diving straight to the vice. But wait, is it there? Is the hell still in Hell's Kitchen or has the Mouse taken down the rats??

Now we understand he has to examine things first hand and dive into the stinking pit to see it all. It's not for himself but for the good of humanity.

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Merge Divide said...

My selfless pursuit of compassion and humanity should stand as an inspiration to all of Pittsburgh... nay, all of the world! I await sainthood conferred upon me by the good pope Ratzinger himself, for like st. augustine, I mire myself in the depths of depravity only to rise like a pheonix and take my place among the holiest... would that others could see past my future proselytizing hypocrisies, as I warn others to walk the straight path, or suffer the scarring of eternal damnation.