Sunday, August 13, 2006

Other Pittsburgh Alumni Shows

By total luck, the stars have aligned to have several other shows involving Pittsburgh Alumni in town at the same time as my gallery blitz.

Joyce Kozloff at the CMU Gallery Joyce is a legendary artist and activist, with a BFA from CMU

George Nama at Space 303 gallery in Homestead. George an Artist from Homestead who studied at CMU, taught at The Center For The Arts, and later taught for many years at Pratt Institute and has exhibited globally. Here's the story of how he reconnected with Homestead.

Pinch Hitters, which just closed at Space Gallery also included several people who have Pittsburgh links -- Elizabeth Deasy, Mario Marzan and Molly Schafer, as well a large group of l
local artists- some with work in my flat files.

In November, Jonathan Borofsky will doing a solo project at the Carnegie.

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