Friday, August 25, 2006

Swoon vandalism in Garfield

Here's another Swoon piece in Garfield. Ongoing coverage is assured on this station. This shot is courtesy of Jean McClung.


gunnlino said...

Sorry dude(s) if this were painted on the side of your house I don't think you would be calling it art. Sure this person has some gift, but not the gift of good sense. I'm certain there are graphics firms and advertisers always in the market for those with this ability, and they pay decent bucks for the effort, and, as an added bonus, the cops don't chase you around.

John Morris said...

all street art is controversial, and coming from NY, I can say that a huge amount of it is pure vandalism. People like swoon are a bit more up in the air. Her works are always pretty carefully chosen for location and put in spots that are abandoned or likely to be seen as an addition to the area. Her pieces are wheat pasted prints and pretty easily removed, but they very rarely are.

She lives in NY primarily and her pieces are portraits of friends and people she meets in her travels. She has some friends here I think.

She was also in a show at the museum of modern art this last year.

Amos_thePokerCat said...

How long does a building have to be abandoned before it gets taged? Note the door. Genghis Kones. Yup, the hot "new" chinese restaurant with the innovation of serving extruded industrial soft serve too! They been dead and gone for 20 years now. Any other city there would have had a dozen new businesses through that building.

John Morris said...

I don't know Swoon, but have seen a lot of her stuff in NY. It can be pretty awsome. Swoon is one of the most world famous and recognized artists showing in Pittsburgh at this time. German cities have likey offered to fly her in to bomb there.

This point's out a hidden advantage of Pittsburgh. There are a number of hipster bands that have left Billyburg in Brooklyn to get away from the groopie types. Here you comonly hear stories about very famous opera stars and writers who are not recognized here at all.

In fact the whole issue of fame here is facinating. Most people, if asked, would count Burton Morris as the most famous living artist from Pittsburgh. He is in fact a pretty minor figure, but the only one who has chosen to become a star here.