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Madeleine Hope Arthurs Pittsburgh Alumni


Madeleine Hope Arthurs

Meg Arthurs ( well that's how I know her ) is one of the relatively close friends I had in NY, but In her own way she is a bit shy so I did not know until I was moving here that she had pretty strong personal tie to Pittsburgh

"I lived in Pittsburgh from age 11 to 15 years old, 1978-1982. I have fond memories thinking of the friendly city. I did not want to move to NYC at the time. "

This is the deal, her mom was the president or some other big whig at one of the colleges here at that time and Meg seems very reluctant to give me the details on that. I think that she would like very much that her work be judged on it's own merit's and would rather I not play the human interest angle. She is a very sincere and dedicated person and that comes across in her work in many profound ways.

From her artist's statement.

"In my art I am fragmenting environments that surround me, exploring the subjective, and unique moments of existence. Life to me is not just its realistic recognizable moments, but also the reflections, distortions, repetitions, abstractions, themes, oppositions, voids, blur, focus, and improvisations that are captured in the mind from a minute, an hour, a day, a month, a year or many years of experience and observation. I take my own photographs of each specific location I explore. Through the use of special lenses and through digital “painting,” that is, manipulating my photographs on the computer, I aim to create ineffable and escaping images that are like life, memories, and dreams."

Madeleine Hope Arthurs Pittsburgh 1978--- 1982
Lives in NYC
School of Visual Arts, NYC
1998 MFA : with Honors.
1996 BFA : with Honors.

Awards and Honors:
2004 Honorable Mention, Fine Art Collage Category, "Photographer of the Year", The International Photography Awards

School of Visual Arts, NYC:
1998 Paula Rhodes Memorial Award
1997-1998 Merit Scholarship Award
1997 Merit Scholarship Award
1996 Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement
1995-1996 Gilbert Stone Scholarship Award
1994-1996 Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship Award
1997 The Steuben Award, "Art of the Northeast USA", Silvermine Guild Art Center Galleries, New Canaan, Ct (Review with photograph of art, The New York Times, Sunday Connecticut Section, June 22, 1997.)

Curated Artist Registries:
Flatfiles: Digging Pitt Gallery, PA.
July 2006-Present

Curated Artist Registry: White Columns, NYC.
May 2002-Present

The Viewing Program's Slide Registry: The Drawing Center, NYC.
June 2000-Present

Selelct Group Exhibitions:
2006 "Diving into Digital", Bergen Museum, Paramus, NJ.
2006 Exhibition from Flatfiles, Digging Pitt Gallery.
2005 “Sun Pictures to Mega-Pixels”, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.
2005 On-Line Gallery,
2005 “Art Event”, Y.O.H. Gallery, Yonkers-on-Hudson, NY.
2005 Benefit Exhibition, City without Walls, Newark, NJ.
2005 Benefit Exhibition, Momenta Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
2005 “…rural…urban…&…otherwise”, City Without Walls, Newark, NJ. Exhibition and Catalog.
2005 "Metro Show", City without Walls travels for the year 2005 in NJ and the region going to the Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ amoung other places.
2004 “Metro Show”, City Without Walls
2004 “Finding Rembrandt”, Anthem Gallery, NYC
2004 "Limit Edge Boundaries Asymptote", City Without Walls. Exhibition and Catalog
2004 Tower Art Gallery, SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY
2004 Soho Photo Gallery, NYC
2003 Soho Photo Gallery, NYC
2003 Members Group Show, The Light Factory, Charlotte, NC

The School of Visual Arts, NYC:
2003 “The Magazine Rack”, MFA Degree Program Alumni and Students Printed Work, The Visual Arts Museum.
2000 “Best of the Best”, Bachelor of Arts Degree Program
The Visual Arts Museum.
1998 The West Side Student Gallery and on SVA Web Site. (Review and Interview, Visual Opinion, School of Visual Arts, Vol.5, Issue 2, Nov. 1998}
1998 The East Side Student Gallery.
1997 The East Side Student Gallery.

2002 "Reactions": Exit Art, NYC. The Library of Congress also exhibited and is permanently housing all the art in "Reactions" 2002 Contributing Photographer: "Here is New York: A Democracy of Photographs": Scalo Publishers. Book and Exhibition traveling across the United Sates, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Japan. (Photograph in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, UK. Sept 2002)
2002 Benefit Exhibition: Hall Farm Center for Arts & Education (Vermont), Print Space, NYC.
2001 Benefit Exhibition: Momenta Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
2000 The Warehouse: Exit Art/The First World, NYC.
April 2000-Jan 2004
1999 "International Young Art 1999" Art Link @ Sotheby’s Auction, in Tel Aviv and Chicago.
Jurors include heads at different locations of Sotheby’s.

Art Residencies:
2001 Hall Farm Center, Vermont.

Selected Publications:
1995 Art on CD Rom: The Little Magazine, Issue 21, SUNY Albany. Song by Stephan Said. (Review in The Poetry Project Newsletter, Issue #161, April/May 1996.)
1992 Art in: West Coast Line magazine, Simon Fraser University of Vancouver, B.C.Canada

Related Professional Experience:
2004 New York State Summer School of the Arts in Visual Arts, Guest Artist.

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