Monday, August 07, 2006

Garfield First Friday

Image Box

Vanessa German
Katherine Young

Marci Gehring

Marci Gehring (detail)

Here are few shots from my trip to the first Friday on Penn Ave., in Garfield. I know that I did a pretty half assed job of capturing it. Katherine Young had her closing and I wanted a chance to see her show again. Also The Clay Penn had a show of the fashion Art Pieces of Marci, an artist that you just sort of half to see to believe. I will have to get back to her later. A new gallery called Image Box had a show of the Photography of Vanessa German. Honestly, I spun through there way too fast to have much to say. The works were installed above a strip with writing that ran around the space and I didn't read it.

I just sort of feel lucky that I was able to see what I did since I had to rush from the Society to get up there. I haven't looked at the future schedules that well, but I expect the first friday drunk driving road show to be in full swing by September when no doubt everyone will plan stuff for the same night.

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