Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pick at the Scab

I am not sure how to classify this post or why I am putting it out there. I think it has to fall under the "why am I here" category.

I came across this post by a woman artist/ blogger which starts out as a rant on one subject. The comments that follow evolve into a very honest bitching session about the lives of artists.
So many wounds are opened that you just sort of hate to watch. What is rather interesting is the unreal level of honesty here. A lot of the people commenting are "art blog" regulars who comment politely on the "respectable" blogs like Ed's. But what is happening here is something a lot more personal and honest and I think gives one some idea of the level of free floating anger out there. At the time I posted this there were 126 comments and you have to really read them to get to the good stuff. Almost all the comments are by artists.

Ed also had a great post/ discussion that seems related on his blog last month. What is very interesting to me is that some of the commenters are the same but that they seem stramgely reluctant to vent fully. The truth is that ED is a dealer and while his blog is a great place to see the world from a very hardworking and proffessional NY art dealer's eyes- it is not always the best forum to see the world from artist's eyes. The fact is that it is just not a wise idea for most artist's to speak that kind of truth to power.

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