Thursday, August 10, 2006

T.K. Mundok, Pittsburgh Alumni

T.K. Mundok

This is an artist i have never met or seen a work of in person but if I mention his name, it's obvious that he had a significant role in the scene here.

T.K. Mundok Pittsburgh 1999-- 2004

Lives and works in San Francisco

T.K.'s work examines the idea of "locations" not as a place that exists physically but as a place that exists emotionally.

"Every path I've walked, every horizon I've stared into and have passed by, still exists just as I remember them. They will always be there because it is my reality of that time and place. My journals etched in stone tissue. I visit these places often because I can still feel them. I can show you how I feel them."

T.K. Mundok lived in Pittsburgh as a full time working artist from 1999 - 2004. In these five beautiful years he co-owned Horizons Art Gallery & Studio and was one of the producers of Dark Night Cabaret. He exhibited at the very first FLUX and the first Art on the Ave, both of which he participated in several times after. T.K. also had the opportunity to create live paintings at the Mattress Factory, The Carnegie and The Andy Warhol Museums.

"Pittsburgh to me was the most welcoming playground because it nurtured the individual. It allowed me to be an artist. It asked you to come out and play. I had the opportunity to participate in a show, be it as a dancer, painter, or coordinator, every month. And the number of people I got to work with is amazing! I can't count how many there are to thank. Pittsburgh is home to some of the most incredibly talented and loving artists. It is an artist community like I've never seen before because it stands alone in its principles and ideas. Which is a beautiful thing, I only wish there were more like it."

T.K. is currently living in San Francisco, starting his third year there, and running the flagship gallery for the Academy of Art University as their Gallery Representative. He's had the opportunity to have three gallery shows, selling several of his pieces and is starting to tap into the community that exists there. T.K. would like to thank Digging Pitt Gallery for this opportunity and a huge thanks to all those who made the journey possible.

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