Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Hear The Boiling Frogs

The few people who knew me in NY, sort of knew that I had a sleeping problem and a slight problem with Anxiety and like now it is much worse and I don't know why? I mean everything is going fine right? Now at night, I think that I am hearing frogs or that's what I thought at first.
It's like a sound from underwater or something and it is faintly familiar.

Seems like the frogs have always liked NY, they liked the warmth. It used to be really warm but in a cool way and I feel that it was the frogs who were making it warm and every year it got hotter. The sounds the frogs made then was a lot of spashing and rythmic croaking like to all kinds of beats and it flowed together into a pusing croaking sound. If you would talk too one they would say like wow it's hot here, but they loved it-- the work was hot , the parties were too. There really were a few frogs who faintly felt that something was wrong, I mean who controlled the heat. Years ago it seemed like the frogs did, now your like not sure.

But the sound I hear now is only faintly familiar. There's some kind of pulse and it's maybe louder than ever, but the other sounds are just not frog sounds anymore. Do they cry? It's now like a lot of loud sound but thats being muffled by deep water. I think i can hear sort of screaming and bitter fighting among the frogs. Some are on the surface and they still seam able to take the heat. Theres also a sound like laughing but that's coming from somwhere else.

Every day the few frogs that can cluster in hoards around the galleries. A bitter pick me, pick me coming from thier parched mouths. You can here the words clearly. Many frogs have only one limb and all kinds of boils and scars. A lot are from fights with each other.

Does anyone have any idea what this dream means? Does anyone care?

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