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Richard Purdy - Pittsburgh Alumni

Richard Purdy
Statement 2005

For my most recent work I've written a javaScript routine that produces a set of cellular automata. Those unfamiliar with the term "cellular automata" will find a wealth of information about them on the web, but typically they are grid-based formations where the identity of each successive element is dependent on the identity of its immediate neighbors.

In exploring the patterns that result from running this routine, I join other artist/programmers who find themselves fascinated by their inability to pre-imagine the outcome of a very simple process. Ordinarily the results tend to be symmetrical, but occasionally the outcome is irregular, and as unexpected as throwing dice and getting something other than a combination of what was shown on the die faces. That this is possible provides a small, but solid piece of evidence that a path entirely constrained by a dryly rational, seemingly inflexible boundary, can produce real complexity.

I've placed the computer component on the web as an interactive project where you can literally have access to my "tool box" and use it in the same way I do. Once on that page, those of you willing to take the time to read through the supporting code (by clicking view > source) will be able to understand the simple mechanics behind these formations, which I hope will help you more fully enjoy the variety and integration of the patterns.

A graphic explanation of the process is available here

Variations can be produced on your own here
(because of my deficiencies as a programmer this page will not run in Netscape/mozilla/FireFox)

Translating any single formation into an encaustic painting amounts to an act of devotion. Each individual work is offered for whatever qualities it can provide on its own, even to those with little knowledge of the core ideas that make it possible. At minimum, I hope viewers will get a sense of curiosity from the intricate order, and be led to consider the strange ease of its origin from a very simple set of initial conditions.


Born 6/22/56 in Chicago Illinois.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania BA in Fine Arts 1978
2000-2001 Computer Arts MFA program at the School of Visual Arts

Selected Exhibitions:
"CrossMediale 1" Gosia Koscielak Studio & Gallery, Chicago IL
"Scope NY" Featured artist - Nancy Hoffman Gallery , New York
"Recent Work" Project Room - Nancy Hoffman Gallery , New York
"10 Jahre" Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim , Neuenhaus Germany
"The Future in Wax" Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Harrisburg PA
"Form of the Formless" Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim , Neuenhaus Germany
"MathArt/ArtMath" Selby Gallery, Ringling School of Art and Design , Sarasota Fla. Curated by John Sims, and Kevin Dean
"Hypervisualizations" School of Visual Arts , New York
Solo Show Nancy Hoffman Gallery New York
"26 Americans" Campo & Campo Antwerp, Belgium
"Size Matters" Gale Gates Brooklyn, NY
"New American Talent 14" Jones Center for Contempory Art Austin Texas
Curated By Amanda Cruz
"The Armory Show" Represented by Nancy Hoffman Gallery
Chicago Art Fair Represented by Nancy Hoffman Gallery
Art Resources Transfer Conversation Show, with Mike Miller
Downtown Art Exchange Represented by Robert Curcio
Chicago Art Fair Represented by Nancy Hoffman Gallery
"Chicago Beyond" Vedanta Gallery Chicago IL.
Art Resources Transfer Bookstore Project Space : Selection of Work from 1997
"Small Works" 80 Washington Square Galleries
Juried by Elan Wingate
Group Show Curcio Specter Gallery New York, NY
Gramercy Art Fair Represented by ART. Inc.
Soundlab 120 Walker St. New York, NY Installation for one event in January
Soundlab 120 Walker St. New York, NY Installation for one event in October
"Cross Section" 8th Floor Gallery 473 Broadway NY
Curated by Mark Hungerbueler
Phase 1 Exhibits
"Ten Downtown" held that year at 241 Eldrige Street New York, NY
"Selections 22" The Drawing Center New York, NY

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