Thursday, August 24, 2006

More thoughts about the Last Call

I feel that i need to add/ correct that last post on the odd chance that it is being read. First of all. like almost everything I say this is a bit hyperbolic, but to put it politely, I have am speaking here to two groups that have proven themselves to be a bit slow to react-- artists, who when it comes to thier own lives are very passive and Pittsburgher's. I am also bringing a perspective from NY here which is pretty different. Still, even Pittsburgh has a solid history of recent gentrification that did a lot of harm to it's art community. I wasn't here to see it, but both Shadyside and the Southside went through this process. The few creative type business people who owned thier own buildings are about all that is left in the way of things outside the box at least on the main streets there.

Here are the basic facts for galleries, which i think are doubly true here.

1) relative to almost every other business, on a sales per square foot basis -- Gallery's suck.

2) Because of rule #1, it doesn't pay to pay a lot in rent at all. The best plan by far is to lock in ones costs by buying your own place.

So this brings me to Penn Ave. We all know that at at this moment it's not a great retail area. the question is the trend and whether one is ahead of it or behind it.


Marc Snyder said...

You are being read, and keep fighting the good fight!

gunnlino said...

Just discovered this site....Good effort, it's needed. I, for one will become a regular. I don't live in the 'Burgh but I'm there a lot and take interest in what's going on. More so on the regular side of life and living, not the dirty politics and other funny business. I grew up in Garfield and it has changed a lot, but they finally tore down the vertical ghetto over Penn Ave. I think that goes a long way towards making Penn more open and I think the trend will open opportunity for those willing to work for it.