Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rodney Wallace, Pittsburgh Alumni

Rodney Wallace

I find no need to get emotionally involved with my painting. Quickly get it done and move on. It is not the finished product but the process I like. Technology has made the process of creation extremely efficient. A digital camera and software has replaced the sketchbook and television and the Internet brings images to me. I find that inspiration is fleeting. No sooner do corruption and scandal move me; there is terrorism then snipers, then war… It is difficult to get emotional about anything that I have no control over in this quick paced environment.

Though visually I have been called a "Neo Pop" painter, I see my philosophical approach closer to the Minimalist in that I like to take the idea or concept to the barest recognizable visual form.

I often go towards social or political themes in my work but never allow the message to overrule the aesthetic. To me painting is a form of communicating. If no one looks at my work there can be no dialogue started and therefore, no communication.

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