Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breaking News: Reverend Billy Was @ Lawrenceville March

As I suspected, Reverend Billy Talen was at this afternoon's G20 protest in Lawrenceville. (The AP says he led the march)

How did I provide you with this scoop. In my past life as an artist in NYC, I became friends with some artists and poet types who were close friends of his. This was during the general 1998-2001 period of the WTO protests in Seattle which I heard about.

Anyway, I have a general agreement with Reverend Billy. The idea that a time when many tapped out consumers are finally recovering from an irresponsible, unsustainable credit binge and choosing to buy less. While many lenders are recovering from the Fed's credit crack are lending more rationally, that the federal government, already having racked up 70trillion or more in hidden liabilities is now putting the nation on the hook for more of the same is simply amazing.

I'm a fraid that given his associations, that while I am highly entertained by him, I think his credentials as a peace activist to be thin.

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