Sunday, September 27, 2009

GET:Larimer – Green Environmental Tourism – G20 Summit Tour

Obviously, this event has passed, but I hope to hear more.

The Post's, City Walkabout blog said the event was pretty well attended.

"Saturday update: It's exciting to report that, while many students in Oakland were just hanging out, possibly clueless, a dozen or so students among 35 people came out for the tour. On the hour-long walk around Larimer, we saw site after site that stakeholders have changed from grit to green -- community gardens and urban farms --"

While really very few people claiming to be awake, slightly informed or literate have much excuse for thinking Pittsburgh is a dirty smokey depressed city as a whole, it does have some neighborhoods, like Homewood and Larimer, which are thought to have almost no bright spots. A tour like this helps show that even this is a myth.

"GET:Larimer will be highlighting an existing community and how a group of individuals and organizations with shared vision can leverage the natural opportunities of blighted areas through sustainable economical development and social entrepreneurship to create real, positive, and lasting change.

While Larimer is a small neighborhood in the East End of the City of Pittsburgh, the solutions and ideas that will be described, demonstrated, and discussed can be applied to communities around our country and throughout the world. For this reason, GET:Larimer will also stress the idea of application of these concepts outside of the community of Larimer coupled with the knowledge that a community can be reborn through the determination of group of individuals seeking neighborhood improvement."

There should have been a lot more tours of this type during G20.

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