Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obscurae Art Exhibit & Fundraiser @ Unsmoke Systems In Braddock, Sept 19TH

Untitled by Jean McClung

"Change is underway in Braddock as groups working within and with the community bring renewed energy to a town that many wrote off. Artists, social entrepreneurs, community organizers, urban homesteaders and others with a pioneering spirit are inspired by the town’s potential for grassroots urban renewal and are using the inherent energy in Braddock to fuel their creativity. It is with this spirit that Obscuræ views the maligned town – turning a photographic eye towards the borough’s oft-overlooked beauty amidst the former grandeur and “urban blight” that Braddock has come to represent for many in the Pittsburgh area."

But you know there's a punchline--- they are awesome, talented and doing what they can with what they have-- but they are poor and need help. It's yet another fundraiser this time for arts and other programs in Braddock, PA.

But trust me there's a lot in this for you. Once again, area creatives have donated works to raise money.

Check out some images.

"That’s right, not only is Obscurae’s photography exhibition FREE and open to the public, it’s also lots of fun thanks to so many great collaborators! Jake Liefer of the Pittsburgh Area Coffee Association will be setting up a coffee bar at the event. John Ryan Brubaker will be installing a traveling version of his Portrait Booth Project where you can travel back in time with your very own quirky portrait shot with a 1968 Polaroid on instant black and white film. And don’t forget the fresh wood-fired treats from the community oven.

Obscurae will be housed once again in Braddock at UnSmoke Systems Artspace. Everything kicks off Saturday, September 19 at 7pm. The Art Lottery is set to begin at 8:30pm. If you have a ticket to participate in the lottery, make sure to get there with enough time to make a list of your favorite pieces before the lottery starts. (Details on how the Art Lottery works.) The photography exhibition and watching the craziness of the Art Lottery are free and open to everyone. Participating in the Art Lottery will require you to dig into your wallet. (Or your paypal account.)

Secure your ticket now for the 2009 Obscurae Art Lottery: $45 in advance. $55 at the door. A ticket guarantees you go home with a piece of artwork from the exhibition."

I attended this event last year and picked up a great photo work in a totally unique found object frame for the mere price of the ticket.

Check out some images here.


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