Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sprout Fund Hothouse Video

Pop City posted this somewhat dry but nicely shot video showing glimpses of the 2009 Hot House annual fundraiser to support The Sprout Fund.

The Sprout fund, I think would be called a "re granting agency" that allows large foundations and individuals to give more of their money to smaller scale, street level start up projects.

The relatively recent trend towards supporting and nurturing more grass roots ideas @ the non profit level has been a significant change for Pittsburgh's big money and old money foundation community.

I think most people here have experienced and love many of their ideas. Many, are one shot things or at least they provide funding only once. But some have lasted.

Unicorn Mountain
The Visionary Arts Festival
This Is Happening
Encylopedia Destructica
Open Thread

and dozens of other great ideas have been born through their cash. It's one thing to say you want "young people" (not me anymore) to come and stay in Pittsburgh, but it's another thing to actually back their ideas with cash.

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