Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yinz Weekly Links For September 3rd

I't's been less than a week but the stack too full for the gumband. Here's some stuff I found on the the art and Yinzosphere. Also thrown in is a random selection of economic news/opinion from around the web.

This is planned as a weekly thing but as usual-- things will be random and chaotic. Many of these posts are not from today but just freshly discovered.

In The New Yorker

The Hills Are Alive- Catches the buzz of Pittsburgh's small press scene

On Tube City Almanac

Eyesore Hotel Was Work of Celebrated Architect

On Pittsblog

Cities are not computer brands

On Bike Pittsburgh

Planning Commission passes bike parking ordinance

New bike commuting guide

In Post Gazette

Rivers Casino revenues well below projections.

Sales tax drop likely means less RAD money for the arts.

Pirates will have a record 17th straight losing season

Two women artists look @ Braddock

Swine Flue cases piling up at local Universities

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Farmers markets are hot.

Arts and Crafts Colonial Festival

More reasons we are most livable city

On Rust Wire

Mural In Cleveland

100 days of pain for David Bing, new mayor of Detroit

On Pittsburgh Comet

G20 musings

I Will Shout Youngstown

Polish Day In Youngstown

In Kansas City Star

Mahoning Valley produces football coaches.

On Defend Youngstown

Youngstown State University enrollment of 14,500 is highest in 16 years.

On Outside Erie

Thoughts on the Rehab of Erie's Union Station

On I Heart Pittsburgh

On CNN Money

Workers know times are tough and accept or ask for pay cuts

On Calculated Risk

Personal Bankruptcy filings up 24% since last August

On Cleveland.Com

Small theater company in Cleveland and Akron defaults on loan and closes down

Pay cuts @ Cleveland Orchestra (old news- from March)

In New York Times

Publisher of Orange County Register files for Chapter 11

In NYC, the government runs a money losing bookie operation

On Streetsblog NY

NYC Principles Union sues to protect free parking perks

In Forbes

Steelers ranked #16 in NFL for estimated team value

In Site Selection Magazine

Pittsburgh cover story. Interesting- but looks like an advertorial

On Culture Grrl

More on the Cleveland Museum donor intent mess

Concerns about Obama and the arts as a "tool of the state."

In Buffalo News

Reaction and thoughts about the Cleveland Museum's move and The Albright Knox Gallery

On Two Coats Of Paint

Latest Art Star contest

On The James Kalm Chanel

James checks out the latest fring hood for galleries in NYC-- Sunset Park

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