Saturday, September 26, 2009

How's The Bridge Project Going In Cleveland?

Pittsburgh & Cleveland have similar histories, I think as blue collar company towns where decisions were handed down from bosses on the top, who funneled too many resources on Marquis projects (The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland Museum) while ignoring or destroying the special history or places that make each city unique.

For two evenings this weekend Cleveland is letting artists of all sorts take a crack at using a mile long abandoned lower level of a major bridge as a stage.

The Cleveland Festival of Art and Technology, “Ingenuity” will expand beyond its weekend summer festival and transform one of the most fascinating under-used urban spaces in the City into a center of art and performance on September 25 and 26, 2009. The streetcar level spans approximately one mile and includes, at the west end, a series of archways and rooms that will be animated by art installations, exhibits and performances. Key personnel include Director James Levin, KSU Urban Design Planner and Pop-Up City Director Terry Schwarz.

Ingenuity will venture out of its Public Square – PlayhouseSquare district and explore an urban space that lies central to Cleveland with spectacular views of downtown, the Cuyahoga River, the Flats, Lake Erie: the streetcar level of the Detroit Superior Bridge, immediately below and parallel to the vehicular level. Ingenuity will transform this span, about 50 feet wide in most sections, almost a mile long, with fabulous nooks, crannies, tunnels and cisterns at both the east and west ends, with art installations, exhibits and performances, many involving technology.

This experience will take place Friday September 25, opening at 4 pm, closing at midnight and continue Saturday September 26, from noon to midnight. It will be free to the public and include arts and crafts vendors, food and beverage vendors (including beer and wine), buskers and solo performers positioned across the great span of the bridge with the more complex installations and performances taking place at either end. The event will include, as at all Ingenuity events, most exhibits and performances are family friendly and each night closes with a musical event

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This site looks to have plenty of history and wow factor! Would love to hear from those who attended or participated.

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