Friday, September 04, 2009

Yinz Links For September 4th & 5th

More I found trolling around. Some are G20 related; some urban and bike related; some art, comics, media and some weirdness. September is imperial dictator month- all month.

In NY Times

Many green buildings not living up to the label

Small British bookstore blames giant charity, Oxfam for it's demise.

Roberta Smith looks at the health and mood of NY galleries as they face the recession

India & China square off on Tibetan border region

In The Times Online

Gordon Brown's triumphant $trillion dollar rescue falling flat.

On Pittsblog

South Side Ghost Tours

On Urban Places And Spaces

Portland, Oregon puts in real "European Style" separated bike lane downtown.

On City Walkabout

Lawrenceville Accordion Pool Party!!???

On Libertarian Republican

PA Democrat switches to Libertarian Party to run for open state senate seat.

In Pittsburgh Post Gazette

City's pension fantasies might work-- when pigs fly.

Stan Lee still wielding power in the comic book world.

National Unemployment rate now @ 9.7% (don't ask about U6)

In Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Craig Street,Oakland merchants lobby city for help.

Theater project 'Yinzerspielen' merges two schools of acting

Biden to Pittsburgh one week before Obama. Holy crap!!! Motorcade allert. (My guess-- photo-Op @ Primanti's)

On Null Space

Pension fund procrastination and denial.

On Brewed Fresh Daily

Social Media Revolution


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