Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pittsburgh Events: 9/11-12/09.

Hey folks... I'm back with a weekly round-up of doings in and around town. I do want to point out right up front that this is NOT meant to be a comprehensive outline of everything available. So if I don't mention an event you have some sort of personal investment in... tough luck. Maybe I haven't heard of it. Or maybe it didn't catch my fancy. Or maybe I just didn't care enough to highlight it. Go find another shoulder to cry on. Or do a Facebook blast. Or hell... just leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


This week brings us the grand opening party (5:30-9PM) for Pittsburgh Tribune Review art critic Kurt Shaw's self-titled galleries (805 Liberty Avenue, Downtown). Highlights include original lithographs, woodblock and 'Pochoir Prints' (whatever the hell those are) by such luminaries as Dali, Picasso, Chagall, Ernst, Miro and Braque. Feel free to go down there and see what those pikers accomplished.

The second issue of TAV (an online publication featuring a collective of artists, filmmakers, musicians and writers associated with Encyclopedia Destructica) is being unleashed this weekend. Folks on display at the publication's studio (156 41st Street in Lawrenceville) include founder Chris Kardambikas and CMU-graduate Peter Burr. The festivities kick off at 7PM.

Also in the neighborhood- Coca Cafe (3811 Butler Street) presents a photography exhibit called Green Eye on Western PA to benefit Group Against Smog & Pollution. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing there will be some urban landscapes in this show. If you care about that sort of thing, this will likely be worth a visit. And painter Sam Thorp is down at the Zombo Gallery (4900 Hatfield Street). Pop in and say hi to her from 6-10PM.

The 707/709 Galleries (on Penn, Downtown) are having their tribute to the G20 with 15 local artists meant to display "the region's artistic diversity in various media." Expect to see a plethora of arbitrary groupings leading up to this conference. Obviously everyone is wanting a piece of the action.

It's been awhile since I've heard about an opening at Morning Glory Coffeehouse (1806 Chislett Street) in Morningside. Amy Scafuri (owner of 3G Gallery) will host a reception for her collages, sketches and original poetry, beginning at 6PM. She's promising free food and drink. That should bring 'em in.

Toby Keith is coming to the Post Gazette Pavilion. This is a fortuitous event because it will ensure that all the yahoos are out of town for the evening. Enjoy the extra space!


Want something to take the children to? I'm considering schlepping mine out to Carnegie for its Arts and Heritage Festival. It actually starts on Thursday, but I can't make it until the last day. Why would I go all the way out there for what is sure to be an amalgamation of greasy food and pedestrian arts and crafts? Well... Carnegie kind of fascinates me in the efforts it makes to be a destination town. Plus I hear that there are some fine restaurants out that way. Besides, how many times a week can you take your kid to the local playground?

If you want to look at art this Saturday, you can stop by Construction Junction (214 N Lexington St. in Point Breeze) for the Pillow Project's Second Saturday. This event has a lot to offer- Time Capture themed photography, dance & experimental music. I can't claim to have ever participated in this series, but with the relatively limited options, this just might be my first visit. It costs a fin.

For just $25 you can can take your dog to Sandcastle to swim and eat "chicken-flavored" snow cones. Not being a particular fan of the canine, this sounds sorta disgusting to me. I wonder how the region's clans of Celtic descent feel about their ethnic festival being interrupted by packs of hairy interlopers and their masters.... I guess I'll never go to that water park again.

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Tibi Chelcea said...

Pochoir Prints: pretty much fancy, old-fashioned word for printing with stencils, except that, instead of using a spray can, you'd use brushes or daubers. Thanks for the info about the event at Shaw galleries, missed that one.