Friday, September 11, 2009

Lawrenceville Accordion Pool Party@ Leslie Park Pool

One of the great things about Pittsburgh neighborhood's tenacious connection to the past is that can inspire some pretty innovative schemes.

Lawrenceville, the community that gave birth to Art All Night, roving free for all art show designed to highlight unused and abandoned spaces in the neighborhood, now is creatively trying to get bring back the Leslie Park community pool or at least get people to think about it.

"Deb Knox, one of the accordionists, a member of the Balkan Babes and the event manager, said the Accordion Pool Party -- open to the public for $5 a person -- is just a big event to get the neighborhood to start thinking about what it can make happen more permanently at Leslie pool, which has been closed for five years."

The pool party will include 18 accordion players, 30 costumed folk dancers, an African drum and dance group as well as a random array of other art projects.

Regardless of the ultimate fate of the pool, a get together like this has got bring many intangible positive results.

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Party runs from 3-7
Cost is $5
Location is off Butler @ around 46th Street, behind the Boys and Girls Club

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