Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Something new in the cultural district - Shaw Galleries

Max Ernst, Untitled print (1949)

So, last Friday was the official opening reception for Shaw Galleries, a newcomer to the cultural district in downtown. In addition to a number of fine prints and antique maps, Shaw Galleries also displayed cases of fine, small porcelain statues. It was a really lovely evening and so wonderful to see a new venture launching on Liberty Avenue, particularly in advance of next week's big event.

The above print, Max Ernst Untitled, was created using the pochoir process. I've seen book illustrations using this process and they are magnificent. The illustration can be quite elaborate, using stencils for each of the colors. Since there is no press involved, there is no edition size for the prits; all sheets produced for the run could be considered proofs. A quick definition of the pochoir printing process --
The pochoir process is the hand-coloring of an individual black outline. The was done with the help of a thin zinc or copper cut-out stencil guide. Each color is applied separately brushed by hand on each print, one stencil for each color. The paint used was watercolor and gouache. The only difference being watercolor paints (aquarelles) are transparent and gouache paints are opaque.

There is a great article along with examples here.

I loved this hand colored lithograph, shown below. The title? Glad you asked; it's a mouthful. Thomas Blake's --

The Interior of the Fives Court
with Randall and Turner Sparring
to the Noblemen, Gentlemen, Patrons and Lovers of the Art of Self Defense

I's all like allegorical n'@.


It was a really lovely event, even though I did get there late. The space is beautiful and the work is installed well. It's a small venue, but there seems to be a lot to explore. Two flat file cases immediately drew my attention, along with a nice folio rack. So, if you are on Liberty Avenue checking out the cultural district, make sure you stop in and say hello to Mr. Kurt Shaw.


Our host, Kurt Shaw (sans bowtie)


John Morris said...

Yes, small, but I saw several stacks of flat files so there's a lot of stuff. Kurt, is also pretty knowledgable about the work IMHO.

Susan Constanse said...

Oh, he is indeed! I wish him all the luck in the world.