Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looking Back @ Black Acid Co-Op @ Deitch Projects

I guess I'm putting this up as a gag mostly. I absolutely loved this show I saw in NYC over the summer. The video doesn't capture the feeling of insanity, paranoia, flesh crawling creepiness this show evoked; the burned, torched walls and the smell.

So why am I posting this? Well, partly because in the context of this push to use art as a tool to sell Pittsburgh as "safe", "hip" and "cool" it's so funny.

To set the scene, Deitch Projects, is very, very connected and very big buck gallery. It operates two spaces in Soho, which it either owns or rents where an average rent might run 30,000--50,000 or more a month. In addition to this, you have a bunch of artists likely flying in on the gallery's dime to spend more than a week (oops he say's a month) with assistants turning the primo space the perfect picture of a hollowed out, bombed meth lab.

Why couldn't Pittsburgh do this for the G20?

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John Morris said...

Anarchist volunteers might be to planning create a few Black Acid Starbucks