Sunday, April 18, 2010

Art All Night Seeks Volunteers: 2010 Venue, Pittsburgh Brewing Co

The event has grown since and always changes with the constraints of whatever empty building in Lawrenceville they are using for it but I think this video gives one a good idea of what this is all about. Always worthwhile and filled with that "I didn't know my neighbor was an artist", shock. About Art All Night.

Art All Night 2010 is looking for volunteers and you can signup online now! Job needs are listed below.

Before the Event If you would like to help before the event, we will be cleaning, preparing, and building out the site. We meet every weekend in April from 9-1 at the site.

At the Event If you volunteer for the event, we will schedule you for a 2 hour shift (4 hour for registration) from 1pm Saturday to 4pm Sunday. Some of the duties are:

•Registration: Register artists and check in their artwork.
•Hangers: Take the artwork from the registration tables and hang them on the display panels.
•Parking and Traffic: Help control the traffic by the building and the two parking lots.
•Minglers: Wear an event staff T-shirt so people can ask you questions, also keep an eye on the artwork.
•Fire Patrol: Patrol building to look out for fires.
•Bar: Check ID's, hand out beer, and collect donations.
•Food: Keep food out on the tables and collect donations.
•Art Sales Table: No sales take place, but man the table in order to write down name and contact information of interested buyers that we will give to the artist when they pick up their artwork after the show.
•Take-down: Remove art from the displays at the end of the show on Sunday at 2pm.
•Art Pick-Up/Check-out: Give art back to artists on Sunday.
•Tear-down: Take down the display panels, pack our supplies, and clean the building on Sunday afternoon.
•Thank you notes: Write notes and acknowledgements thanking people for various donations ($, the building, equipment, etc.) to the art show.

To Sign Up you can use our online signup here or email volhelp at (replace the at with the correct keyboard sign).

By the way, Art All Night is not just for Pittsburghers. Anyone can bring their eyes, ears and opinions and anyone from anywhere can bring art. Bring it on down. Onsite Registration: If you did not register online you can still bring your artwork and ID to the onsite registration table between noon and 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 24.

Or register online and check out the details.

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