Saturday, April 24, 2010

Charles Rohlfs at CMOA, last day Sunday 4/25/2010

You may have already seen a great deal of art this weekend. After all there was the Gallery Crawl downtown on Friday, and Art All Night Sat-Sun at 2p.m.
But there is an exhibit at Carnegie Museum of Art that looks very worthwhile, and tomorrow is the last day. Charles Rohlfs, who was inspired by both the Art Nouveau and Arts and Craft's movement, has been tagged "The Curator's Secret" i.e. those in the know how great he is.
There is a very interesting write up about Rohlfs in the Post Gazette:

This is a touring exhibit, and this is the last stop. There are a number of other interesting exhibits at the Carnegie as well, such as Gods, Love, and War (a jaw-dropping exhibit of tapestries), a dazzling Cecil Balmond installation, and Caricature, Satire, and Comedy of Manners: Works on Paper from the 18th through 20th Centuries.

And given that I read that tomorrow's weather is supposed to be "showers in the morning, followed by thunderstorms in the late morning" and then "showers in the early afternoon, followed by thunderstorms in the late afternoon" an indoor activity sounds pretty good.

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