Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pittsburgh Art Events: 4/23-24/10.


The seasonal Downtown arts crawl is upon us. I already mentioned Responding at Future Tenant, so if you need the details on that show, just scroll down to last week's posts. Other highlights include photos by Robert Raczka at the 707 Penn Gallery, Thad Mosley's sculptures at the August Wilson Center, Joan Milsom at Shaw Galleries, and Wood Street Galleries offers a mix of music and art created by Claudia Hart and Ella Buckley. Events get underway around 5:30PM and last 'til 9PM. Get there are close to six o'clock as possible if you want a parking space near the festivities. If you are into DVDs, comics, and/or CDs, stop by Eide's Entertainment (1121 Penn Avenue) for their annual anniversary sale.


Three words- Art All Night!! Yes indeed, hundreds of artists (of all levels of skill and experience) will hang up their work for one night only at the ol' Iron City plant in Lawrenceville. What makes it especially interesting is that there is no jurying whatsoever. Anyone can get anything up on those walls. Most of the stuff is for sale too, and there are often some pretty great bargains to be had. This is the 13th straight year they've done this, and it is worth a visit. There's no excuse for missing it either, as it runs from 6PM on Saturday evening until 2PM on Sunday. Come at an especially odd hour, and you'll avoid the throngs that attend. All the details (including a schedule of free entertainment) can be found right here.

Whoah, kids... Neil Hamburger is in town at the Smiling Moose (1306 East Carson, 7PM). This truly post-modern comic presents the vision of awkward Catskill-style comedy, heavily-laden with tasteless humor, and inane pop cultural references. Good stuff, indeed. Come and snicker.

Once again, I don't have money for Attack Theater's "Dirty Ball". It's at Lydia's in the Strip, if you are considering ponying up for a ticket.

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