Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mentor Museum Of Speed

Anyone who keeps up with this blog knows I don't drive and am no fan of the state ordained and supported worship of the car. (Do that on your own dime) Even so, one has admire the awesome beauty of some of these machines. In that spirit, I bring you a new regional attraction, in Mentor, Ohio that has been drawing the faithful since it opened last year.

You only need ten dollars, to go and admire the view cause in it's sort of a museum but if you are to really show your love, you can, cause all of these cars are also for sale. A most interesting and unique combination on such a large scale.

Mentor Museum Of Speed

Mon. - Fri. : 10am - 5pm
Saturday : 10am - 4pm
Sunday : Gone Racin'
Admission : $10.00
12 & under : $ 5.00
Annual : $50.00
Lifetime : $99.00

OK, you got your free commercial (Disclosure: The author of this post does not drive, and is receiving no compensation of any kind for anything he does on this blog at this point.)

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