Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Braddock Public Art: Points Of Interest Project

Leon Reid IV


Jean and me took some nice shots of The public art a group of artists put together in and around Braddock a few years ago, many of whom are linked to the emerging, Transformazium project--then known as Braddock Active Arts. I should have put them up long ago, but surprisingly a very high percentage of this work is still around in very pristine condition. An art drive or cycle around Braddock is well worth the trip! The Swoon work has almost surely deteriorated but who knows.

These are pretty much ties as favorites with a slight edge to the Swoon and Leon Reid IV works.

There's even a great online map you can follow. Remember, however that a few of these works were meant to be temporary.

Maya Hayuk

Polina Soloveichik

Mary Tremonte

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