Friday, April 16, 2010

Yinz Cleveburgh and Random Art Links: April 4--15

Ooops, there's a lot more stuff I coulda/shoulda put on here. I'm way behind on this. Anyway, a few news items and stories from the Cleveburgh region.


The tenth, Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo.

Music Draft Lottery. A great idea, that would be hard to make up.

"The 2008 Lottery League was a surprising success. It yielded 33 bands that convened to play 10-minute sets at a blowout show at the Beachland. Last year, several of the acts contributed to a compilation CD, and some bands kept going after the "Big Show," earning their way into the Lottery League's "Hall of Fame." Because of the amount of work involved in coordinating the project, council members decided to wait until this year to launch a sequel."


New Northeast Ohio economic development website, Theplus.US up.


The Youngstown Vindicator is seeking images, memories and stories of Kent State, May 4th 1970.


25 Hill, a new movie about The Soap Box Derby, is a labor of love for people in Akron.


Null Space gives a rundown of the many contradictory Marcellus Shale and other energy stories. In the near term, Natural Gas prices are near record lows and far away from levels that would make recent projects pay off.

Barge Traffic reached 15 year lows in 2009 partly reflecting lower regional power demand for coal. Coal, in case you don't know it is the primary fuel for American power plants. Your green Electric Car--is fueled by coal, dude!

The Pirate's milk the baseball revenue sharing welfare system for all they can.

Keystone Commons Industrial Park, on the old Westinghouse site expannds amid a surge in occupancy. Pipe needed for Marcellus Shale projects may be a big factor.

What's so interesting here is how close the current use of the site fits with it's original purpose as a place for hard core "tinkering", metal working and industrial R&D. Westinghouse Air Brake, now known as WABTEC still has it's headquaurters here.

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