Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art All Night Band Schedule

Of course, yinzers know Art All Night is also music all night. With two stages going in the later hours as the crowds start to thin.

Art All Night Performers for 2010

Slot Performer Time Stage

1 The Spuds 6:00pm-6:45pm Main
2 The Surfaholics 7:00pm-7:30pm Main
3 Wojno 7:45pm-8:15pm Main
4 Chet Vincent 8:30pm-9:00pm Main
5 Teen Riot 9:15pm-9:45pm Main
6 Lil Kizi –Somali Rap Group 10pm-10:30pm Main
7 Janim Bellydance Troupe 10:45-11:15pm Main
8 Dirty Charms 11:30pm-Mid Main
9 Timbeleza 12:15-12:45am Main
10 Gothees 1:00-1:30am Main
11 Jim Dandies 1:45-2:15am Main
Anything Goes
A1 Debutante 2:30-3:00am Main
A2 Undalrds 3:15-3:45 Main
A3 The Awakening 4:00-4:30am Main
A4 Lalookala 4:30-5:15am Main

Acoustic Morning
M3 Damaged Pies 7:00-8:30am Main
M4 Two Cakes 8:45-9:15am Main
M5 Sula 9:30-10:00am Main
M6 RichPatrick 10:15-10:45am Main
M7 Sadiqa Bellydance 11:00-11:30am Main
Sunday Afternoon Bands
S1 Susie and Friends 11:45-12:15pm Main
S2 Action Camp 12:30-1:00pm Main
S3 Paul Labreeze 1:15-2:00pm Main
WYEP 6pm-12am Stage #2
B1 Butterflies and Rocks 12-1am Stage #2
B2 Joy Tourjours 1:15-1:45am Stage #2
B3 Typewritter Girls Performance 2am-2:30am Stage #2

Acoustic Morning
M4 Chris Hannigan 8:00-8:30am Stage #2
M5 Sean Odonnell 8:45-9:15am Stage #2
M6 Joy Ike 9:30-10:005am Stage #2
M7 Aaron Work 10:15-10:45am Stage #2
Sunday Afternoon Bands
Q1 Joel Lindsey Blvd of Allies 11:00-11:30am Stage #2
Q2 Amethyst Bellydance Company 11:45-12:15pm Stage #2
Q3 Cathasaigh 12:30-1:00pm Stage #2
Q4 The Armadillos 1:15-2pm Stage #2

If your from out of town and bringing work, consider coming early for the Downtown Gallery Crawl on Friday night.

Art All Night is a grassroots event staged by an all-volunteer crew. A joyful celebration of the arts and community, the show grows in popularity each year, bringing thousands of people from all over the region into Lawrenceville. In 2009 Art All Night Lawrenceville featured work by 1034 artists and was attended by over 10,000 guests.

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