Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Art Of The Steal @ The Manor Theatre In Squirrel Hill

For much of the time Dr. Albert C. Barnes, was amassing his collection he was ignored or insulted. Ever since controversy has raged. I just read a long story about it in a 1964 issue of Horizon Magazine.

Honestly, it's been to hard for me too fully form an opinion and this film may help.
One thing is not in doubt. The collection is one of the most important ever amassed by a private collector anywhere. Mary Thomas has a review in The Post.

"One of the world's largest collections of Impressionist and early Modern paintings, it includes 181 by Renoir, 69 by Cezanne, 59 by Matisse, 46 Picassos and seven van Goghs.

In the film, globally prominent art dealer Richard Feigen walks through a Sotheby's auction display, dismissing works as un-Barnesworthy that will later draw bids in the millions. In comparison, he cites one of the Barnes' foremost paintings, "The Card Players" by Cezanne, and muses about its monetary worth. "The Getty couldn't afford it. You would need some sort of a nation to buy it."

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