Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Open Studio Days In Youngstown and Lakewood Ohio

Wow, Jane Jacobs would love the two opportunities to carefully walk and think about neighborhoods in both Cleveland (Ohio City) and Pittsburgh (Polish Hill). But she also would have been very interested in the chance to see the kind of creative mixed use revival artists have cooked up for old industrial buildings in Ohio.

The city of Lakewood, east of Cleveland is expanding on the open studios they have been doing each year at The Screw Factory,(AKA, The Lake Erie Building) into a full block arts festival involving The Cleveland Craft Coalition.

The Screw Factory Artists are opening their studios once again for a spring open studio event. It will be held on Saturday, May 1st from 1-8pm. The event is free and open to the public.

The Screw Factory Artists work in the Lake Erie Building on the edge of Bird Town in Lakewood, Ohio. Mediums vary including fiber, ceramics, glass, mosaics, photography, paintings, sculpture and more.

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For this event the artists are hosting an auction of Birdtown related artwork. All proceeds from the auction will benefit the Friends of Madison Park. Organized in 2007, FOMP has established itself as a neighborhood based community group. Membership is open to any Lakewood resident who cares about enhancing Madison Park as a “backyard park” for children and families.

Participating resident artists include: Ann Brown, Gina DeSantis, Robert Durr, Katie Hanrahan, Michael Hudecek, Karen Jewell-Kett, Phyllis Kohring Fannin, Marc Konys, Michelle Mowery, M.C. Nagel, Martin O’Connor, Shannon Okey, Steven Ollay, Ann Onusko, Arabella Proffer, Ursula Ryan, Kari Sanford, Kate Tobin & Dorene Warner.

Visiting artists include Kathryn Patton (Smashing), Ruth Sholtis-Furyes, & Valerie Tyler. More artists will be listed soon. Please check back for updates.

The Lake Erie Building is located within the Templar Industrial Park at 13000 Athens Avenue, Lakewood, 44107. A map can be found on the website as well. Ample parking is available.

Not to be outdone a similar event will be going on in Youngstown on both May 1st and 2nd, making it possible to see both!

The Mahoning Commons area is located on lower Mahoning Ave. Between the Mahoning Ave. Bridge and the Spring Street Bridge, Youngstown, OH.

As I'm sure you've heard, Youngstown and the Mahoning Commons have a new Art Festival. With the introduction of the Calvin Center Idea Incubator as the new addition to the Youngstown Cultural Community, grand expansion was necessary. On May 1st and 2nd, 2010, from noon till 5 pm (check times on each venue), most businesses on lower Mahoning will be open at least one of the days and will be holding special events in celebration of the Festival. Most of the businesses and cultural organizations of the Mahoning Commons will be involved, including Fellows Riverside Gardens, the Old Ward Bakery, Star Supply, Rockview Christian Church, The Calvin Center Idea Incubator, the Victorian Players, and the historic B&O Station/Brewery, tentatively.

All of the venues will be providing special events and tours. Park at any of the venues and catch a ride on the Free Shuttle Service provided by the THE PURPLE CAT.
There will be plenty of parking available in the many lots. THIS IS A FREE EVENT!
For more information contact,
Marcie Applegate at or Lynn Cardwell at 330.718.2696
Media contacts welcome!

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This event combines the artist's studios in the Ward Bakery with a bunch of open house and building tours in a way that reminds me of the Open Doors Lowell event I once went to.

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