Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pittsburgh Art Events 4/2/10.

This weekend we can put our focus on Friday, due to the overwhelming concentration of art-related events happening. I didn't look too hard for things to do on Saturday, but nonetheless I didn't find any.


Here's an interesting concept- "Rock, Paper, Scissors"- in which three galleries host opening receptions built around one of those three themes. The Space Gallery downtown (8PM-Midnight) has the first, ostensibly focusing on the music aspect of the word. Artist Image Resource on the North Side (6-8PM) is doing the "paper", and I suppose that makes sense. And the Fe Gallery in Lawrenceville (7-9PM) has the "scissors". Just a few of the artists participating are George Davis, Jill Larson, Alexandra Watrous, Adam Welch, Bovey Lee, Randie Snow, Keny Marshal, and Laura Jean McLaughlin. The hours for each have been staggered, so that (should you wish) you can attend all three. Not only that, but Molly's Trolleys will be on hand to provide free transport between venues.

If you need a pick-me-up between destinations, the Crazy Mocha in Bloomfield (4525 Liberty) awaits with a wide variety of caffeinated pleasures, as well as a couple of walls worth of paintings by Greensburg-based artist Gabe Felice. Always a charmer, Gabe consistently puts out some of the most distinctive and interesting work available in Western PA. And this should be a good opportunity to meet him too, as he won't have any excuse (like three feet of snow) not to show up for this opening.

And yes indeedy.. Unblurred is here. The Geek Art/Green Innovators Festival will make its presence felt along Penn Avenue. Specifically, events will be held at the Sprout Fund headquarters (5423 Penn) and at the BCG Center (113 N. Pacific).

The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination (5006 Penn) has "Antiquated & Future (or Imaginary) Technology" from 7-10PM. Fast>>Fwd Gallery is opening (5-10PM) the somewhat seasonally-ironical "PLENTY OF SLEEP WHEN WE’RE DEAD", featuring work by Mike Egan, Josh Iddings, Ron Copeland and Christian Breitkreutz. Garfield Artworks (4931 Penn) offers yet more adult-themed paintings by the ubiquitous Lauren Toohey. Tech-geek extraordinaire Jason Bannister has lots of robotic designs at the renamed Space:Collective (4823 Penn). Awesome Books (formerly the Clay Penn at 5111 Penn) will have a reading by Christiane Leach for her book release ("Spinning Standing Still") at 7PM. And Edge Studio (5411 Penn) has "Cunning Stunts:Exquisite Corpse"- 11 women addressing the concept of 'alter ego". Whew!

As if all that were not enough, Modern Formations (4919 Penn) rolls out their Annual Spring Salon exhibition, whereby viewers are asked to choose which artist displayed merits their own solo show at the gallery during the next year.

If you aren't totally exhausted with all the other offerings, stop by Remedy Lounge (10PM-Midnight) in Lawrenceville for an unveiling of the nuanced collage work of Rachel Hallas.

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