Friday, April 23, 2010

Pop Pittsburgh Up

No time to go into this in depth--also I don't know much about it. Clearly some very positive things are happening in the city today and a major factor has been a shift by the major universities towards active engagement with the city--first I think at Point Park,and now dramatically at Carnegie Mellon, whose fingers can be seen in projects (The Waffle Shop, Future Tenant and many more) all over town. Ten years ago, I think the general pitch was that CMU, just happened to be in Pittsburgh and wasn't so happy about it.

Here's a video of a brain storming session for Pop Pittsburgh Up about new ways to attract new people to the region. (held in February)

Kudos also to the Foundations for finally, finally, finally putting more cash at street level.

Check out the site and search for more info. Pop Up is a project of cityLab Pgh.

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