Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pittsburgh Art Events 4/16-17/10.


It seems like it's been awhile since the Zombo Gallery (49th and Hatfield, Lawrenceville) had an opening. This week, Kersten Ervin opens "High School" (6-10PM), a project featuring vintage yearbooks. I don't have any more details, but I suspect that all the awkwardness and discomfort of adolescence will be on display.

Meanwhile, Future Tenant unveils "Responding", a group show that includes local artists
Rose Clancy, Vanessa German, Maria Mangano, David Montano, and David Pohl. Curator Anna Mikolay asked these creators to convey a lingering sense of place, and the results will be shown from 6-9PM at this Downtown gallery (819 Penn Avenue). Although I usually avoid the mess following a work week in the Golden Triangle, these particular artists are an experienced bunch with a long tradition of involvement in the Pittsburgh arts scene. A visit should be worth the inconvenience.

And Fiberart International 2010 gets under way at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Society for Contemporary Craft. The reception at both locations runs from 5:30-8PM. I have very little experience with the medium, so your best bet is to go to the official website for an explanation of what you might see.

Also at PCA is a grab-bag of solos shows featuring the likes of Elin Lennox, Elizabeth Mooney, Thea Augustina Eck, and James Southard. One might get the idea that the PCA is presenting the visual arts as an essentially solitary pursuit, were it not for the collaboration between Ben Hernstrom and Frank Ferraro, as well as the AAP-sponsored, Eric Shiner-curated exhibition entitled "Interplay". Anyway, it's a lot to see in one location and costs (as per usual) just $5 to get in.


My experience at the Braddock Chili Cook-off last weekend reminded me just how worthwhile the efforts of Fetterman and company are for that community. I simply have too much trouble finding the neighborhood to make regular visits. It's as if the esteemed gentlemen and ladies who run Allegheny County were conspiring to keep people away from the denuded community. Anyway, a place called The Garage Art Space (1216 Maple Way) will host a reception for the work of Jenn Myers and Daniel Luchmann from 6-9PM. Grab a map, get adventurous, and make your way to it.

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