Thursday, April 01, 2010

Youngstown Ad Hypes "The Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburgh Tech Belt

According to I Will Shout Youngstown, this ad ran in Today's Wall Street Journal.

Amazingly enough, economic development ads rarely hype anything outside their own state-- aside from the usual "within 500 miles of 70% of the US Population", claim made by a lot of Rust Belt cities. Selling as a package like this makes sense. Even if you suck, you might be not that far from someone who doesn't. More likely you have some ingredient of value that needs the right synergies to shine. Also, to be honest, a lot of people are just not great at judging distances and travel times. Maps and the Web lie like crazy.

A big step from the obnoxious Cleveland + and Team NEO concepts which exclude huge assets like Westinghouse across the state line.


Willytee3 said...

John Morris it's great to have found you, thanks for carrying the Pittsburgh area art flame. We met some weeks ago at the Mattress Factory elevator looking at the Sarah Oppenheimer and talking about Dennis Oppenheim's crazy hair. Yes we are the couple from NYC who were looking for the stairs. Check out an interview with Dennis on You Tube just search Douglas Kelly Dennis Oppenheim interview.

Be in touch we plan to vist Pitt more often now that we have good friends there, and we are within 500 miles. Also want to get out to SWOONS place in Braddock, our visit to Braddock was way to short as we left, cool farm though!

Where are those stairs anyway?
William Meyer

John Morris said...

Just shoot me an email when you are coming into town.

Personally, I think you should plan for staying a week or so if you can.

Pittsburgh is sort of weird and hard to absorb at once. Just driving around and seeing the views and architecture is worth it. Did you get up to Polish Hill?
Or see Maxo Vanka's murals in Milvale?

Actually, Swoon's project is in North Braddock, called The Transformazium and it's very much in it's early stages.